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I tried to put on one of my favorite coats on Saturday. Haven't worn it since the pandemic started. Some of y'all already know where this is going. I can't close it! I can't even pull it all the way together let alone button it! I'm SO upset!

Turns out I've gained 20 pounds during the pandemic. I don't weigh myself, and I've been sitting at home in stretchy cotton for two years, so I knew my body had changed but didn't realize how much. Now I know.

I'm focused on losing this weight asap. More so, this was a wake-up call for the unhealthy ways I've been living lately. I want a long and healthy life, but I'm not acting like it. This post is about me and my body. No judgement on what anyone else chooses to do with theirs.

My goal is to do this in a way that is all about loving me as I go through the whole process. Suggestions and tips are welcome.

I need help and am willing to ask for it because I know there's no shame in self-improvement. If you're trying to do better for yourself and someone else takes it as an opportunity to belittle you or hurt you in any way, the problem is them, not you.

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