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Financial Checkup

I've gotten in the habit of reviewing my finances every January. Evaluating my spending from the previous year, setting new financial goals, and reviewing my bank accounts to see if there are better offers out there.

I share this because it's a good practice and I encourage you all to do a review as well. And also, because finances are so deeply intertwined with our emotions and I don't see people talk about that much.

Our society trains us to associate our identity, how we see ourselves, and how others see us with our ability to spend money and buy things. We feel pressure to fit in, to keep up, to feel special, and now more than ever (thanks social media) to show off. All of which (and more) interfere with our ability to manage our finances.

It's more than math y'all. May be interesting to go through your bank activity for a month and ask yourself why you made the purchases that you did. If there were any moments when you spent more than you should have, what was going on? Learn your buttons. It's key that you get ahold of yourself to get ahold of your money.

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