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Know Your Limit

(Shout out to my sister Shaya Gregory Poku for the topic)

Knowing your limits, how far to push and when is a purely individual thing. Everyone is different with different capacities and demands on their lives. Lets be real, many people push because they literally have no other choice. I never want to overlook that.

If you are fortunate enough to have options, internal checks are a great way to know where your limit is. Ask yourself why is this important to you? What happens if you stop trying? Are your efforts hurting you more than they're helping?

Burn out and emotional exhaustion show up in many ways. Headaches, anxiety, apathy, lack of motivation, being constantly tired and more. Taking time to check in with you can help you assess the situation. If you have a trusted person in your life, ask them to be part of the process.

There are times when we need to push through and there are times to take a break or move on entirely. Honor yourself by finding out what's called for in any given circumstance and acting accordingly. Too many of us have stayed struggling when we didn't need to. No more.

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