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Retrain The Brain

There are many reasons why it's hard for us to change. One of them is literally our brains. When we grow accustomed to doing things a certain way or thinking a certain way, we train certain neurons to fire together and create well-traveled paths of thought in our minds. Reshaping these pathways is hard to do but it's possible!

Our brains are plastic which means they can be rewired, reshaped, and re-molded until the day we die. Old dogs can most certainly learn new tricks! But the longer we've been thinking a certain way, acting a certain way, the harder it is to change. Let this motivate you to start now! Teach your brain to make new connections! If you see yourself as a failure, you train your brain to quit before you even try. If you constantly think negative thoughts about yourself, you're constantly wearing that path into your brain.

It always seems corny but when people look at themselves in the mirror daily and repeat affirmations to themselves, they're practicing neuroplasticity, training their brains to think of themselves a different way. You don't have to start everything at once (really, it's not a good idea for a lot of reasons) but pick a place and start today. Let's retrain our brains together!

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