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Switch Your Focus

One thing I talk about with clients a LOT and try to practice myself is choosing where to focus. Often, our minds and thoughts are consumed by things we have zero control over which is often (really always) a source of anxiety. But in the midst of every situation that feels overwhelming there is something we always have control over, our own actions.

​That's where our power lies. Too often we get overwhelmed by the things we can't control so we don't do anything about the things we can. Shift focus. What part do you have control over? What can you actually do? What part of this overwhelming situation lies within your control? Put your focus there and then actually do something.

Doing something doesn't mean doing it all. Remember, the full situation is not up to you. If you feel like you haven't done enough, ask what else is in your control and feasible? If nothing, make peace with knowing you've done all you can. If you can think of things, go do them!

We try to control things that are beyond us and abdicate our authority with things we can control leaving us constantly frustrated. Switch your focus.

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