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Take An Alternate Route

For all y'all who think you self sabotage, you might not. You might just be trying to make yourself fit a process that doesn't work for you.

Had a client share that she feels like she self sabotages. She proceeded to outline the things she wants to do in her life that she feels she keeps messing up. Real issue at play, she's been trying to do it the same way. A way that doesn't work for her.

What do I mean by that? There's a reason why there are several approaches to saving money because different things work for different folks! The gym really isn't the place for everyone but there are still many options to be active and stay fit (sports leagues, dance classes, indoor rock climbing, rowing, whatever).

It's easy to feel like a failure, heck we all feel like failures trying to fit ourselves (squares, parallelograms, rectangles, triangles, octagons, rhombuses etc.) into the same round hole. We are often given or think that there is only ONE route to our goals when in actuality there are many. It's up to us to find the path that works for us. It takes imagination to do so and the ability to see ourselves for the shape we are (I pick rhombus) and appreciate it as is.

What's unfortunate is that not only will we feel like failures, but we'll withdraw to hide what we see as our failings. We're so much more.

I'm only taking steps that fit with my rhombus-ness and judging myself by my rhombus abilities. This feels like a continuation of last week, but it still stands. See yourself as you are and learn your own strengths. Chances are, you've been trying to make something else fit for far too long.

Another way to put it, if you're a cheetah, don't judge yourself by monkey standards.

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