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Therapist Are Not Perfect

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Therapists are human beings which means we have human failings. We have our own histories and struggles that come into the room whenever we do. We have hot buttons, anxieties, egos, etc. And we make mistakes.

Confession, sometimes I'm terrified by the amount of trust and confidence people place in me. For someone who already has perfectionist tendencies () it's a dangerous trap. As a safeguard for myself and the people I serve I make it a point to say, "I don't know". To own my limitations and encourage people to tell me when I get it wrong. As is so often the case, humility saves me.

What does this mean for other people? Just a reminder that your therapist struggles just like you do. And just like with everyone else, a therapist who's unwilling to admit when they're wrong or make a mistake can cause a whole lot of grief and damage. We're there to help but we don't need to be on a pedestal to do it.

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