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Total Health: Whole Being for Well-Being Symposium

Total Health: Whole Being for Well-Being Symposium

The symposium was held on Saturday, October 26 from 11:00 am- 2:00 pm at the Christian Life Center 85 Bishop Allen Dr. Cambridge, MA. 02139. Through the “Mental Health and Racial Equity” grant offered by Community Health Network Area (CHNA) 17 KEC brought the Cambridge Community together to help connect and address all parts of ourselves.

We recognized that people often approach their wellness in silos: spiritual, mental health, physical, and nutrition. 

The day featured a panel consisted of fitness, nutrition, mental health, and spiritual leaders; opportunities for attendees to participate in brief fitness demonstrations, meet with a therapist, and much more! 

We accomplished our goal of presenting an event that was a one-stop-shop for community members to access all that they needed to support their individual growth in one place. This event was free to the community and included lunch.


Workshops Included:

  • The Purpose & Stigma Surrounding Medication

  • Parenting Teens with Mental Illness

  • Black Men & Trauma

Panel Discussion: Mind, Body & Soul 
Zumba & Fitness Demonstrations
Financial Literacy



  • “VERY impactful and educational, please partner in Boston”

  • “I wish we could this more often. Thanks a million. It was considered as a great therapy for me also.” 

  • “I really enjoyed how well rounded this event was. I would love to see this again and maybe something for youth not just parents of youth with mental illness.  Also, if there can be a rotation for workshops to be able to hear all of them.”

  • “I would recommend constant communication of other events throughout the year. Possibly a summer and fall mental health events.”

  • “Superb and profound undertaking! This is CHURCH; not just Sunday Morning! Powerful panelists.”

  • “The Symposium was outstanding on all levels – content, organization, engagement and well represented. The speakers were adept at lifting the Saran Wrap off of the misconceptions of mental health; in a way that was conversational. I appreciated that the group was varied in their experiences and candid in expressing themselves. I would definitely attend next year. As a suggestion, perhaps you could have a listing of providers, organizations and contacts, for attendees to take. One list, one piece of paper. Thank you! It truly was groundbreaking. Crucial for the challenges of this time, and for the new decade to come. (2020!)”


  • “It was truly an honor. The program you organized was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for bringing this awareness to our community"

  • “I heard that your symposium was fantastic, just amazing. Congratulations!"  

  • “It was my great pleasure to participate and get involved with the community. Thank you very much for the opportunity and the support to help make this happen. I loved it very much and I just want you to know you are doing a great job. The symposium was necessary and we should have more like this in the future. I appreciate your words, your kind stipend, and look forward to partnering together again.”

  • “We wanted to take this moment to say thank you again for having the Total Health Symposium, it was great being able to provide everyone with a few moments of relaxation which they received so well. I was truly grateful for all the positive feedback. We would love to take part in the next health or wellness event you present or sponsor and I look forward to working with you again in the future”

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