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We Heal Ourselves with Love and Empowerment 

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We offer an additional number of resources that can help you and your loved ones. 

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If you have any additional questions about finding or giving support, please find your answers here. 

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Each and every one of us can play an important role in helping those in crisis.

Our mission is to support communities of color and communities of faith in prioritizing mental health.

About Us

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This program is in response to a 2017 survey conducted by the Cambridge Community Health Network Area (CHNA 17) which examined how the Black community in the Cambridge area engaged in mental health services. The result of the survey showed there is an enormous stigma associated with mental health in the Black community, especially communities of faith. Some of the findings were that people don’t talk about mental health inside the church; people fear having to explain their faith or being labeled as “crazy” by a provider; and being told that they simply need to pray more. 

WHOLE Resource - Shameka Gregory Podcast

Look After Your Well-being

I've been having trouble sleeping, feeling out of sorts, low energy, etc. I feel it. I notice it. But I didn't investigate it.

Upcoming Events

The Things We Carry/Carrying things together/Building, Bridging, and Bonding
The pandemic has been difficult for all of us and accessing quality mental health services is full of roadblocks at the best of times particularly for the Black community. Space is extremely limited as the group can only accommodate 8 people.
Apply now. Limited slots only.
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