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About Us
Our Story

The WHOLE Program was created in response to a 2017 survey conducted by CORE (formerly known as Cambridge Community Health Network Area - CHNA17). The survey examined how the Black community in the Cambridge area engaged in mental health services. The results showed that there is an enormous stigma associated with mental health in the Black community, especially communities of faith. Some of the findings showed that people don’t talk about mental health inside the church. People also often said that they fear being told that they “simply need to pray more” or having to explain their faith to a provider but then being labeled as “crazy”.

Under the leadership of Rev. Lorraine A. Thornhill, Kingdom Empowerment Center (KEC) was awarded a grant from CHNA17 to address mental health in the Black faith community. Rev. Thornhill’s passion is to see individuals WHOLE and thriving in every area of their lives. She has seen how the current climate in the country is affecting people of color (POC) and has made it her goal to address the mental health crisis of POC. This has propelled her into action to create safe spaces for individuals to know that they are heard and are not alone. Rev. Thornhill founded the WHOLE program to continue to serve the community on an ongoing basis. Through WHOLE, Rev. Thornhill began to address the mental health crisis by organizing events such as Healing Racial Trauma for Women seminars, a Black Men and Trauma virtual gathering, mental health trainings, a Clergy Support Group, and a mental health symposium. Over the years, WHOLE has expanded its programs in hopes of meeting more of the needs within the Cambridge community and surrounding areas.

our story
Our Vision

WHOLE aims to increase hope through healing and to normalize mental health services by decreasing stigma and assisting in breaking down barriers to access. We strive to serve marginalized populations who are typically denied mental health services and basic human needs, especially Black individuals who are low income. We offer symposiums, workshops, community events, support groups, and group therapy. 

Our Values
Our heart is to reach people and help build stronger communities.
Our passion  is providing education and information while acting as a place for people to find holistic healing.
Our belief is that by connecting individuals with therapists, organizations, and resources they can live with greater agency.
Our work is guided by the desire to ensure things are free, accessible, understandable, and relatable.
Executive Leadership
Our Team
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