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The Things We Carry Group
The Things We Carry: Building, Bridging, & Bonding Group was originally developed in response to the increased difficulties faced within the pandemic and limited access to quality mental health services. By offering this group, WHOLE hopes to remove some of the roadblocks to receiving therapy. The support group includes six sessions and is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who identifies as Black/African American. Two licensed Black clinicians facilitate the group and groups are usually offered for free. 
Just Breathe Caregiver Support Group
The caregiver support group is facilitated by individuals with lived and/or clinical experience in caregiving. The group is tailored to caregivers who want a safe place and a brave space to discuss the stresses, challenges, and rewards of providing care for an adult. Within the group, information about resources is provided. It is virtual, has a maximum of 8 participants, and has no cost for participation.
Clergy Support Groups
Our clergy support group provides a space for clergy to support one another. The group seeks to educate and strengthen leaders in their personal lives so that they may begin a process of healing. Clergy often encounter significant trauma as they serve their communities but they often do not have a place to share their burdens. In this group, individuals can identify current roadblocks, hold each other accountable to meeting their goals, encourage each other in their faith journeys, and heal from past hurts. Group participants also learn and address gender specific issues related to mental health.
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