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Trainings & Workshops
Mental Health First Aid Training
WHOLE offers Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training to Cambridge and surrounding communities. During the training, participants learn how to interact with an individual in crisis and how to connect a person with help. The curriculum provides education on recognizing common signs and symptoms of both mental health and substance use challenges. The content also covers trauma and self-care.WHOLE offers the training to groups in organizations, companies, and programs. WHOLE also hosts a few MHFA trainings specifically for clergy and faith-based groups; this is made possible through a grant from CORE. 
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Clergy Mental Health Workshops
Our clergy mental health workshops focus on offering clergy support in their own mental health journeys and giving clergy resources for supporting their congregations. Our goal is to bridge the gap that often exists between faith communities and social service providers. We emphasize that seeking outside help is not a replacement for faith, or God, but simply an additional tool to help people heal. We also connect clergy with providers who we have identified as appropriately incorporating a client’s faith within their treatment plan.
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